Photo Reproductions

All of the photos on are available for prints in various sizes, quantities and photographic quality.  additional sizes are available; please contact me for arrangements and pricing.

For information on how to buy prints, please view the instruction page here.


We offer 6 standard print sizes (additional sizes upon request):
  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 7
  • 6 x 9
  • 8 x 10
  • 8 x 12
  • 10 x 12
And we offer a large print sizes for an honored place in your home, office or temple (additional sizes upon request):
  • 16 x 20


We also offer your favorite ethnographique fotos on unique gift items (additional options are available):
  • iPhone 4 skins
  • mousepads
  • ceramic mugs
  • folded greeting cards for any occasion
  •          3 x 5 (pack of 12)
  •          5 x 7 (pack of 10)


Photo Services

We are proud and excited to offer the ethnographique treatment for your next project or event.  The ethnographique treatment is a stylized, stunning and professional historical documentation, bringing out the visual beauty of the subject matter and the people involved.

We offer:

  • To the professional ethnographer or anthropologist

    • professional photographic support for your project or documentary.  Writers and researchers, who are not equipped to add the visual aspects that a subject may warrant, can rest easy with the ethnographique treatment.


  • To the religious practitioner

    • the ability to capture the historic nature of your next festival, bembe, drumming or seminar.  Your event will be captured with a loving and reverent eye for the subject matter and the deities.  You will be able to use our private lightbox area to view the fotos, order prints, package sets, unique gift items (e.g. mouse pads, mugs, etc.) or photo books.


  • To the prospective initiate

    • the unique ability to create a very private and respectful documentary of your spiritual journey.  Working with your Madrina/Padrino, godparents or teachers, your spiritual passage would have the ethnographique treatment, providing the historical gravitas to your accomplishment.   As I am a priest and Babalawo, I can retrace the pathways again right at your side and follow you throughout your initiatory process.  I have photographed many of my own spiritual efforts, which are included in my photo galleries.   These are tasteful photographs that respect the deities, the priests involved and the spirit of the laws of confidentiality.  Once your photos are ready, they can be reviewed by your elders for appropriateness, then saved on disk for distribution when the time is right.