Technique of photography in a nightclub

Photographing in clubs is an exciting lesson, which can bring a lot of stunning shots. To hold such a photo session you need to have some skills, which will be discussed in this article.


In the nightclub, lighting is always muted, if not more. It's pretty dark. Constant flashes of stroboscope and light music create unusual lighting conditions. To allow the camera to capture an image in the dark, you should use light-sensitive optics and a camera of a professional or semi-professional level.


Take pictures without a flash

For shooting without a flash, the camera is better off switching to the aperture priority mode (AV). To get a normally illuminated image, you should increase the light sensitivity (ISO) value. When increasing ISO, remember the following:


  • The less ISO, the high-quality images, but they will go darker, so an ISO increase is required before significant noise is taken on the pictures.
  • The greater the physical size of the camera sensor, the less noise comes when increasing ISO.
  • Enlarging ISO shots appear lighter, so you can use fewer shutter speeds to get crisp and blurry shots.
  • When printing and publishing images on the Internet in a small size, the noise is practically invisible.


Flash shooting

Nightclubs often are photographed with one or two flashes. Built-in flash and fixed lighting devices are almost never used.


Photographing with an external flash at the nightclub

In nightclubs, three schemes of shooting with an external flash are most often used:


  • The lighting of the subjects is not directly, but with the help of reflected light from the ceiling or walls.
  • The flash is connected to the camera by cable and is in the hand.
  • One flash is installed on the camera, and the second is connected with a cable and is in the hand.