How to buy images.

Images on ethnographique.org are for sale directly from the website and are hosted and process securely through Photoshelter.com.  However, not all images that appear on the site are priced for online sale.

Buy Prints / Products

Buying prints or products for personal use is easily done on ethnographique.org using Photoshelter & Paypal.

Just click on “Buy Prints” which opens overlays a window that displays the description and the available print sizes.

You can use the “+/-” buttons to increase the number of prints at a given size, or type directly into the quantity field.

Products are shown in the same dialogue box, by selecting the product tab.

Click the “Add to Cart” button once you have decided on the size and quantity of the selected image.

You may continue to shop and add different items to your cart. You can select more prints or custom prints from the same photo or buy prints of other photos.

Once satisfied with your selections, click the “Check Out” button to go to the checkout process.

The cart displays a list of images with their quantity and size.

Setting a Crop (printable area)

Sometimes your print size doesn’t correspond to the dimensions of the image (e.g. If you want a square print of a horizontal image. Also, even when the orientation is the same, the print sizes doesn’t always match up perfectly). If you’re concerned about what part of the image will actually print, you can click the “Adjust Crop” link below each thumbnail to view the crop.

The image is set to a default crop that is determined by the photographer. You can use the default settings to “fit to print” (which might produce white borders), auto-crop (which enlarges the image to fit the entire print area), or select your own crop. The printable area appears completely transparent while the non-printing area appears slightly opaque.

Check Out

At checkout, fill in your name and shipping address information.

Select your shipping method/speed.  The shipping cost is shown to the right of the method.

Please verify that all of the information you entered is correct.

Ethnographique.org uses Paypal for secure payment processing.

You do not need to have a Paypal account prior to this purchase.

Paypal will guide you through the process and setup.

Once payment is processed, your photos will be printed and shipped.